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The Chair's Challenge Series

There are some topics that pose particular challenges for the Chair of the board, but on which there is little guidance written from the Chair’s perspective. Our Chair’s Challenge series explores these issues.

Our briefings identify key issues for Chairs, signpost you to what already exists that is relevant and useful, and draw on the experience of Chairs and others to offer ideas and suggestions for how you can manage the challenge.

We are grateful to our sponsors who have each supported a title in the series.

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Making board committees work

31 October 2017 (London)
Effective committees enhance the work of the board, but they sometimes lose their way. This briefing and event explore the contribution Chairs can make to getting the most from the board’s Committees.
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Chair's Challenge: managing difficult board dynamics logo
Managing difficult board dynamics

4 December 2017 (London)
Understanding and managing relationships around the board table is essential to effective chairing- this briefing and event explore the issues for Chairs.
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Chair's Challenge avoiding legal pitfalls logo
Avoiding legal pitfalls

21 March 2018 (London)
Understanding and complying with the law is a core responsibility for the board. This briefing and event explore how you as Chair ensure the board has a good grasp of the issues and the appropriate focus and oversight.
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Navigating risk

16 May 2018 (London)
Charities and non profits must negotiate a multitude of risks. This briefing and event explore how the Chair can help the board to understand and focus on the strategic risks it faces and formulate the most appropriate approach.
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Chair's challenge Successfully Appraising Your CEO logo
Appraising your Chief Executive

9 October 2018 (London)
Getting the best from your Chief Executive is a key responsibility for Chairs – this briefing and event explore the role of appraisal in doing so.
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