Why have a Vice Chair?

A Vice Chair (also sometimes called Deputy Chair) has no formal governance role or status, and many charities do not have one, either in their governing document or in practice. ...
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What will your future Chief Executive be looking for?

Ann Frye, author of 'Look before you leap' Last month ACEVO published 'Look before you leap', a guide to help charity leaders make a checklist of questions before starting a ...
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How Beacon helped me become an effective Chair

Guest post from Julie Williams, Chair of Halsway Manor National Centre for the Folk Arts. I’m Chair of a small charity in Somerset, Halsway Manor National Centre for the Folk ...
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How ActionAid implemented feminist leadership principles

A guest post by Patti Whaley, former Chair of ActionAid UK on how the charity implemented feminist leadership principles. In 2016 ActionAid UK began developing its new five-year strategy. Our ...
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Patti Whaley

10 top tips for webinars

Webinars are a great opportunity to meet other Chairs and pick up some new ideas, without you having to travel or take hours out of your day. At Association of ...
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Behind the Scenes: Hear from Ali and Janine, our Beacon Trainers

Shining the spotlight on our lovely trainers, Ali and Janine, from The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI), we hear what it’s like behind the scenes as they share their experiences ...
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Beacon workshop