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We have a wide range of guides, tips and briefings which our members can access for free.

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Our resources include:

A Question of Balance

This guide helps Chairs to explore and strengthen the relationship they have with their CEO.

A Chair’s Compass

This guide focuses entirely on the Chair’s perspective and the particular challenges and opportunities of the role.

Working with Trustees series

These guides look at different aspects of the Chair’s relationship with the board of trustees. The series includes:

  • Working one-to-one
  • Working as a team
  • Working through difficult board relationships

The Chair’s Challenge series

This series of five guides on key issues draws on the experience of Chairs and others to offer ideas and suggestions for how you can manage the challenge.

  • Appraising your Chief Executive
  • Making board committees work
  • Managing difficult board dynamics
  • Avoiding legal pitfalls
  • Navigating risk

Chairs’ briefings

These have been written specifically for Chairs to give a short overview of a topic and to identify key things for you, as Chair, to understand, think about or do. Our briefings include:

  • Boards and human emotions
  • Identifying and managing insolvency
  • Charity accounts in sixty minutes
  • Charities, campaigning and elections
  • Equality and diversity from rhetoric to reality
  • Fraud – the invisible risk
  • How interims can help you face a crisis or major change.

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