Association of Chairs’ staff are critical to the success of our organisation. Our work benefits from having talented, trained and motivated staff. It’s important we are able to attract and retain people who can help us deliver our mission successfully and cost-effectively.

We are committed to creating a positive working environment where our staff can develop and flourish. This includes offering appropriate salaries and terms and condition of employment. Excessive turnover of staff is expensive and disruptive.

Association of Chairs aims to pay all our staff and contractors at least the Living Wage/London Living Wage.

Every member of staff contributes to our success. Senior managers have greater responsibility and more skills and experience, so it is right they are paid more. But the difference should not be excessive.  We cap the ratio of the highest-paid member of staff to the lowest-paid member of staff at 5:1.

The salary structure, pay, terms and conditions of employment are set by the Association of Chairs board and reviewed periodically taking into account market rates for comparable jobs. The board sets the pay of the Chief Executive.

All charities are required to record in their annual reports whether any staff are paid over £60K. No staff at Association of Chairs are paid over this amount.