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Strengthening your Organisation

Welcome to our resources which will support you in working with your charity to develop the strategy, resources and processes to succeed.   Below are resources that will help you:

  • Understand the role of the board in strategy development and managing resources in a smaller charity
  • Identify key threats to your organisation and how to manage them
  • Discover further sources of support to strengthen your organisation
  • Gain insights and top tips from other Chairs of smaller organisations

We have listed relevant Beacon and AoC resources as well as external resources, produced by other organisations that we think you may find useful.

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Types of resources

Don’t have much time? Beacon's Top Tips will provide you with some practical tips for effectively fulfilling your chairing role

Need help with the doing? Beacon's Tools will provide you with useful frameworks and suggestions based on good practice

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Beacon and AoC resources

Strengthening your Organisations Workbook (PDF)
Our ‘Strengthening your Organisation’ workbook, takes you through the content and discussion topics for this second module of content. Download it to find out what we have been discussing with Chairs and Vice Chairs all over the country.

A Chair’s Compass: A guide for Chairs of charities and non-profit organisations (PDF)
This guide focuses entirely on the Chair’s perspective and the challenges and opportunities of the role

A Navigating risk (PDF)
This briefing looks at the Chair’s role in helping the board to navigate risk

Avoiding legal pitfalls (PDF)
A guide for any Chair wanting to make sure that their charity is taking appropriate steps to mitigate risk in ensuring their charity complies with the law

Enriching the relationship between Charity Chairs and Treasurers (PDF)
Sharing experiences and best practice from Chairs and Treasurers on enriching their relationship

Managing Conflicts of Interest (PDF)
Conflicts of interest cannot (and arguably should not) be avoided, instead as Chair you need to ensure that conflicts are identified and managed appropriately. Here are some top tips to help you do this.

Getting to know your charity  (PDF)
Whether you are a new or an established Chair, these top tips will help you, to help your board, build up a realistic picture of your charity and its impact

Strategic leadership – what you need to know  (PDF)
Striking the right balance in terms of the amount of board involvement in strategy is tricky. Here are some top tips, helping you to think about the contribution you and your board need to make in developing your organisation’s strategy

Planning an away day (PDF)
An away day is a great way to strengthen the work of your board, offering fresh perspectives and giving you the time to work through complex issues. This tool gives you some tips and a framework for planning your next away day

Financial governance self-assessment (PDF)
Does your board have a healthy approach to financial governance? Our self-assessment tool can help you understand what you have in place and where there is room for improvement

Strategic planning grid (PDF)
In developing your charity’s strategy, you need to be clear when in the process different stakeholders will be involved and what is going to be the nature of their input. Gain clarity by developing your very own strategic planning grid.

External resources

Below are some guides and resources developed by other organisations that we think you may find useful.  Some of these resources are referred to in our events

Good Governance code for smaller charities (Charity Governance Code steering group)
A code to help charities and their trustees develop these high standards of governance.  This version is specifically for smaller charities

Essential Guide to Strategic Planning, Compass Partnership (ACEVO) (PDF)
This guide gives you an overview of strategic planning in voluntary organisations. It highlights questions that Chief Executives, managers and trustees need to think about

Tools for Tomorrow (2012) (NCVO):
A practical guide for strategic planning in voluntary organisations including 27 of the most helpful tools. This resource is behind a pay wall

Charities and Risk Management (CC26) (Charity Commission)
Guidance on how trustees can identify, assess and manage risks to their charity

Risk management for charities: Getting started (2015) (Institute of Risk Management)
An easy-read guide to help charities make sense of risk management

Managing Risk: A toolkit developed by Lloyds Bank Foundation and Lloyds Banking Group (2018) (PDF)
A toolkit to help you know what type of risk management framework will work best for your charity

Guidance: How to report a serious incident in your charity (2014) (Charity Commission)
Guidance for charity trustees about serious incidents: how to spot them and how to report them