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Managing Relationships and Board Dynamics

Welcome to our resources which will support you in working with your charity to develop the strategy, resources and processes to succeed.   Below are resources that will help you:

  • Understand what will help you get the best from your trustees
  • Have tools to work effectively with your Chief Executive (CEO) and or senior team
  • Have ideas for identifying , recruiting and effectively working with new trustees
  • Gain insights and top tips from other Chairs of smaller organisations

We have listed relevant Beacon and AoC resources as well as external resources, produced by other organisations that we think you may find useful. We are currently developing more Beacon resources so watch this space. 

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Types of resources

Don’t have much time? Beacon's Top Tips will provide you with some practical tips for effectively fulfilling your chairing role

Need help with the doing? Beacon's Tools will provide you with useful frameworks and suggestions based on good practice

Want to explore a topic further? Our Guides will get you thinking; outlining best practice, key issues for Chairs of smaller charities and topics for further discussion

Want a quick overview? Our Summaries provide you with the key points and important concepts from our guides

Want more information?  Where we know that there are already plenty of good resources available, our Resources Lists signpost you to what we think you will find useful

Please give us feedback on our resources by clicking on this icon.  Let us know what you found particularly useful or not so useful.

Beacon and AoC resources

Question of Balance (PDF)
This guide will help Chairs to explore and strengthen the relationship they have with their CEO

Appraising your Chief Executive (PDF)
Getting the best from your CEO is a key responsibility for Chairs. This briefing explores the role of appraisal in doing so

Managing difficult board dynamics (PDF)
Understanding and managing relationships around the board table is essential to effective chairs. This briefing explores the issues for Chairs

Finding the right balance – the Chair CEO relationship (PDF)
The relationship between the Chair and CEO is pivotal to the functioning of a charity. The key is to find the right balance in your relationship which enables both parties to give their best. Here are some top tips on how to do this

Working one-to-one: Working with trustees series (PDF)
This guide is the first of three in our Working with trustees series. It offers you practical guidance on what you as Chair can do to build your one-to-one relationships with your board members

Summary - Working one-to-one: Working with trustees series (PDF)
Here we provide you with a short summary of our ‘Working one-to-one’ trustee guide, including a short overview of each of the stages in our trustee cycle.

One-to-one trustee review (PDF)
Trustees need individual support, encouragement and sometimes guidance to give of their best. This tool provides you with a range of approaches you can adopt in carrying out a one-to-one review with individual trustees.

Getting feedback as Chair (PDF)
As Chair, understanding what you are doing well and where there is room for improvement, can support your development and your board’s overall effectiveness. This tool offers you a range of ways in which you can get feedback as Chair.

Working well with your trustees: policies and procedures (PDF)
Developing good relationships with individual trustees on your board is crucial. Here we list policies and procedures that can help.

Resource list for trustee recruitment  (PDF)
There are some excellent resources and services to help you with trustee recruitment. Rather than creating new resources, here we signpost you to some that we think you will find useful.

Resource list: Pro-bono and low-cost sources of support for smaller charities (PDF)
Smaller charities often lack the resources to get the professional support they need in areas such as HR, legal, IT and marketing.  Here we have created a list of pro-bono and or low-cost professional support offers to help your organisation get the support it needs.

External resources

Below are some guides and resources developed by other organisations that we think you may find useful.  Some of these resources are referred to in our events

Leading the CEO and Chair to Effective Governance (ACEVO) 
This resource provides an update on developments in third sector governance as well as best practice in other sectors

Charity trustee welcome pack (Charity Commission)
If you are a new trustee this guide will help you settle into your new role. If you are an existing trustee, this guide will help you refresh your knowledge and skills

Recruiting and retaining trustees (Reach Volunteering)
This guide will take you through a step by step process for recruiting and retaining trustees

Codes of Conduct for Trustees: Developing and using trustee codes of conduct (Charity Trustee Networks)
This guide offers practical guidance to support good governance, specifically offering support in developing a trustee code of conduct