We are an independent association of Chairs of social purpose and not-for-profit organisations formed in order to help Chairs with their unique task: leading the board in delivering the organisation’s aims.

Who we are

We are forward thinking and aim to deliver value to our members by providing information, commissioning research, peer support, networking and developing standards of best practice in governance that are relevant to Chairs of a wide range of organisations – large or small, local or national, working in different fields. As an independent association with charitable status we represent Chairs in the Third Sector across England and Wales.

Resources for Chairs

Chairing a not-for-profit organisation is a skilled and demanding role. Yet there are limited resources and support available for Chairs.  Indeed most governance support is aimed at trustees in general, rather than tailored for Chairs. At the Association of Chairs we aim to bridge this gap by providing a one-stop source where these leaders can find information, support and inspiration.

Who we support

The Association is dedicated to the needs of Chairs in the Third Sector including housing associations, charities, voluntary organisations, community groups, universities and educational trusts. We help with their unique task of leading the Board in delivering the organisation’s aims.


Join us as we grow to create a community of Chairs who are professional, effective and recognised for the quality of their governance practice.