Free self-assessment tools for Small Charity Week

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To mark this year's Small Charity Week (17-22 June), we are sharing two tools usually only exclusively available via our Beacon Programme.

Good Chairs are thoughtful about their role and constantly reflect on how to do better.  To help with this, we have developed two self-assessment tools as part of the Beacon Programme which you can download free of charge until Monday 24 June:

  • A Chair's Compass self-assessment (PDF) - this is based on the four compass points described in our flagship guide 'A Chair's Compass.'
  • Financial governance self-assessment (PDF) - this is based on our financial governance star.

About Beacon

If you are a Chair or Vice Chair of a smaller charity (with an income under £1m) in England, join the programme today! It is free.

You will then be able to access our library of online resources, book for workshops in nine locations (from Newcastle to Bodmin) and take part in webinars from your desk.

Find out more about the Beacon Programme.

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