New FREE Digital Leadership Programme

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Media Trust today launched their Digital Leadership Programme, providing free Digital Marketing Strategy training to 160 leaders of charity and civil society organisations across England in March 2019. We know some Chairs feel they need to know more about digital and that’s why we are delighted to partner with Media Trust and FSI on this programme. It’s a good opportunity to develop your skills and confidence and understand what a digital marketing strategy needs to address.

Funded by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the programme will take Digital Marketing Strategy workshops to sector leaders in to 10 locations across England. The one-day workshops will take place in Plymouth, Isle of Wight, Leicester, Rotherham, Liverpool, Hull, Middlesbrough, Preston, Norwich and Clacton.

Effective digital marketing is a blend of strategy and good execution. There is often a gap in understanding between the key decision makers in the organisation and those who carry out the day to day digital marketing. This session is designed to help develop common understanding and be clear what they need from each other. For this reason two spaces are available are per organisation on each workshop.

One of these should be the CEO, Chair, trustee or senior manager of a small to medium sized charity or civil society organisation (with a turnover £2 million and under) responsible for strategy. The second should be someone who is instrumental in the integration and implementation of the digital marketing strategy, for example a Trustee, Senior Management, marketing and communications lead or volunteer carrying out this role.

This session will be particularly helpful for Chairs who feel they need to better understand the risks and opportunities of digital marketing, and will help them work effectively with staff or volunteers to agree a strategy, and responsibilities for putting it into action.

Sign up now by visiting the Media Trust website.

Places are free and travel will be reimbursed. Spaces are limited so sign up today.