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Topics of interest - Beacon Programme modules

The Beacon Programme's workshops and resources are built around four modules based on the needs and priorities of Chairs and Vice Chairs of smaller charities.

These reflect the complexities of chairing a smaller organisation. In particular, operating with limited resources and the role of hands-on trustees who are often heavily involved in the operations of their organisation.

Here are the core topics which will be covered in each module:

1. Being an Effective Chair

Knowing your role and legal responsibilities

Understanding the characteristics of an effective Chair

Chairing your board meetings effectively

Looking after yourself in your chairing role

2. Strengthening your Organisation

Understanding the board's role in strategy development

What you as Chair need to know about finance

Identifying and managing any threats facing your organisation

Knowing where you can go for support

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3. Managing Relationships and Board Dynamics

Working effectively with your CEO or equivalent

Managing conflict

Having difficult conversations

Getting the best out of your trustees

4. Developing an Effective Board

Good practice in recruiting trustees

Build a high-functioning team

Exploring the Chair/Vice Chair relationship

Succession planning for Chairs

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