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Chairs shaping the programme

Initial consultation 

When the programme started, we talked to Chairs of smaller charities.  Over 150 Chairs and numerous organisations who speak to Chairs everyday, told us about the key issues Chairs of smaller charities face. These included:

  • the Chair / CEO relationship
  • managing conflicts of interest
  • trustee recruitment
  • succession planning for Chairs
  • appraising the CEO
  • getting the right financial information
  • diversity
  • limited resources
  • reviewing trustee performance
  • being a 'hands-on' Chair
  • process and systems
  • seeking professional help.

Each of these topics is covered in the programme.

Workshop pilots 

The four workshops will each be piloted with small groups of Chairs and Vice Chairs prior to running in our nine locations. Beacon workshops in action.

Advisory group 

Throughout the programme, we want to continue to get the input of Chairs and Vice Chairs to help us shape what we deliver.

To help us with this we have put together an advisory group for the programme.   The advisory group consists of Chairs and Vice Chairs of smaller charities. They are:

  • Chairs of charities based in different regions in England
  • Chairs of charities working in a variety of areas including health and social care, conservation, criminal justice and capacity building local infrastructure
  • a mix of new and experienced Chairs and Vice Chairs.

Meet our advisory group

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