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About the programme  

Who is the programme for?

Chairs and Vice Chairs of charities and non-profit organisations in England with an annual income of under £1 million.

Why get involved?

You will:

  • Meet, learn and exchange ideas with other Chairs who face similar challenges
  • Be part of a unique programme tailored to meet the needs of Chairs of smaller organisations
  • Know where to get support to be effective in your role
  • Hear the views of other Chairs of smaller charities and sector experts on topics that concern you
  • Access a wide range of FREE practical written resources to meet your needs
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'The programme has been put together by the very people who recognise its value - Chairs and Vice Chairs.  I have already found it a lifeline and welcome such an excellent range of support tools.' 

Roma Hooper, Chair, Prison Radio Association 

What does the programme include?

The programme is split into four modules covering topics of interest to you as Chair of a smaller charity. Each module is offered as a workshop and webinar with supporting online resources.

  • Free, interactive webinars covering and complementing our workshop content. These are held at lunchtimes and the evenings.
  • Free online peer surgeries and expert insight sessions, giving you the opportunity to find out more about a specific topic and share ideas with other Chairs.

Find out about the latest webinars, online peer surgeries and expert insight sessions.

  • Free resources for Chairs supporting the workshop topics. Includes guides, tips and tools to help you put what you have learnt into action.
  • Email briefings during the coronavirus pandemic, keeping you updated on the latest guidance and resources.
  • Online platforms to meet and learn with other Chairs.  Chairing can be lonely. We will be finding other ways to help you meet and network with others.


Thanks to a generous grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, our online and written resources are free of charge.

The National Lottery Community Fund has given us additional funding which will allow us to continue supporting Beacon Programme participants through the coronavirus pandemic. This means the Beacon Resource Bank will remain open until 30 September 2020. We will also be running a series of webinars, online peer surgeries and expert insight sessions up to that date.


Join the Beacon Programme today!

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