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A Question of Balance – a guide to the Chair and Chief Executive relationship helps Chairs explore and strengthen the relationship they have with their CEO.
Forging a successful relationship with your CEO is a key part of the Chair’s role. But that is no simple task. Each relationship is complex, dynamic and unique. It is vital Chairs recognise the importance of the relationship and invest time, energy and effort in making it a success.
A Question of Balance - cover
This guide

  • Identifies what is needed at key stages in the Chair-CEO relationship
  • Explores nine key themes where the Chair needs to strike the right balance
  • Encourages Chairs to be emotionally aware
  • Offers insights from research
  • Provides pointers for when things go wrong.

It is intended primarily for Chairs, both new and highly experienced, but will also be useful to Vice Chairs, trustees, CEOs and governance advisers.

The guide has been made possible with the generous support of CCLA and Odgers Berndtson.

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Download A Question of Balance