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Behind the Scenes: Hear from Ali and Janine, our Beacon Trainers

Shining the spotlight on our lovely trainers, Ali and Janine, from The Foundation for Social Improvement, we hear what it’s like behind the scenes as they share their experiences of delivering our Beacon webinars and workshops. Tell us a little bit about you Ali: From a background in marketing, I moved into the charity sector…

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Ali and Janine

Your charity’s constitution – a new guide

Why it is important to understand and follow your charity’s constitution (and know how to change it if you need to).

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Happy person proudly holding a big piece of paper. They are 'owning' their constitution!

Responding to In Plain Sight – actions for Chairs and trustees

Dr Carole Easton OBE looks at the implications for Chairs and trustees of ACEVO’s In Plain Sight report about bullying.

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Illustration of people sitting round a meeting table. One person stands aggressively. The remaining 8, sit in different postures.

Finding your successor

How do you know that it is time to move on? How do you find someone to take over? Guest post from Julie Williams

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May Day event at Halsway Manor House - people dance around the maypole

The Chair’s role in building a positive working culture

How to get to know your culture, lead from the top and develop effective policies and procedures.

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illustration of faces in cog wheels, all linked together - indicating team culture

Tips from Chairs: Getting strategy right in your small charity

Chairs of smaller charities share their concerns and tips on strategy development. Part of our Beacon Programme.

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Illustration of three people with connecting circles above their heads

Lessons from life as a new Chair

Mars Lord shares the ups and downs of becoming a first-time Chair

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Young woman surrounded by a big group of other young people. Smiling. Drama workshop. Image from Company Three

Who is sitting round your board table?

Examples of actions that help, or hinder, in recruiting a strong, diverse board. Guest post by Janet Thorne.

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circular meeting table. full meeting attended by people who all look the same. no diversity. illustration

Working with your trustees one-to-one

Are you bringing out the best in your trustees or just hoping for the best? Our new guide looks at the benefits of working individually with trustees.

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Two people talking one-to-one

What Chairs can learn from the Quaker Business Method

Areas of Quaker practice which may prompt you to reflect on your own approach to chairing.

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People sit in silent reflection. Image kindly provided by Quakers in Britain

What does the Civil Society Futures report mean for Chairs?

Views from our event looking at the Civil Society Futures report.

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Civil Society Futures graphic

Why every board should have a Vice Chair

Six important roles a good Vice Chair can add to your board.

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illustration: close up of two hands put jigsaw pieces together

Reporting and avoiding serious incidents

Would your board know how to recognise a serious incident and know how to respond? Are you confident that you have taken adequate steps to avoid serious incidents?

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Illustration of a building with security issue icons surrounding

Chairing through change: reflections from the William Morris Society

Beacon Programme advisory group member Martin Stott shares his experience of chairing the William Morris Society through a period of modernisation and change.

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image from ornate William Morris book

Tips for effective chairing

To mark our fifth birthday in October, we asked Chairs to share one piece of advice they were given as a new Chair. Here’s what they said.

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Illustration of a lightbulb with ideas and questions inside

What keeps Chairs of smaller charities awake at night?

The top five issues worrying delegates who attended Beacon Programme module 1.

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Chalk outline of a head with post it notes inside, with question marks on

What makes a good charity Chair?

Helpful and unhelpful behaviours and practices seen in Chairs based on our work.

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person writes post-it notes for discussion, includes finance, relationship with CEO etc
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