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We are very grateful to all the CVS organisations, infrastructure charities and individuals who have helped to promote the Beacon Programme so far. With your help we have reached hundreds of Chairs / Vice Chairs of smaller charities.

The programme of workshops launched in September 2018 and we now have dates booking well into 2019 in nine locations across England as well as webinars for those who can't attend.

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Calling Chairs / Vice Chairs of smaller charities (with an income under £1m) in England. Join the Association of Chairs Beacon Programme. The programme offers:

  • low-cost workshops in nine locations in England
  • the unique opportunity to meet and learn from other Chairs and Vice Chairs of smaller charities
  • free online resources.

Plus webinars, workbooks and online surgeries.

A workshop travel bursary is available for organisations under £100k if booked a month ahead.

Learn more about:

  • being an effective Chair
  • strengthening your organisation
  • managing relationships and board dynamics
  • developing an effective board.

Join the programme for free at

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Governance support for Chairs / Vice Chairs of smaller charities in England through @AssocOfChairs' #BeaconProgramme includes:
- in-person workshops at locations from Newcastle to Bodmin
- webinars
- online resources & guides
Join Beacon for free here:

Do you know about the @AssocOfChairs' #BeaconProgramme for Chairs of smaller charities in England? Join for free webinars and resources and low-cost workshops.

Events, workshops and resources for Chairs of smaller charities in England through @AssocOfChairs #BeaconProgramme. Join today -

Chair of a #SmallButVital charity? Join @AssocofChairs' #BeaconProgramme for events, workshops and online resources -

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For information about workshops in your area, please go to Beacon events for our calendar of workshops in Birmingham, Bodmin (Cornwall), Bournemouth, Brighton, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Taunton.

Or if you want information-based copy, have a look at our blog post based on feedback from module 1 workshops - What keeps Chairs of smaller charities awake at night?


We also have a supply of postcards which you could give out at events. Please contact us (via for more information.

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