AoC initial comments on the House of Lords Select Committee report

The Association had submitted written evidence to the Select Committee on Charities, which was chaired by Baroness Pitkeathley.  The committee was set up in May last year to examine the sustainability of the charity sector.  It has published its report, Stronger Charities for a Stronger Society, with 42 recommendations.

We issued an initial comment for the launch day of March 26th:

“We congratulate the committee on having produced a far-reaching and thoughtful report that also acknowledges the diversity of the sector and the need to avoid one size fits all solutions, particularly the need not to overburden small charities. We welcome and endorse its view that the overwhelming majority of charities do excellent work.

“We will take time to digest the full range of recommendations and we will look at how we can help convert recommendations into actions and results.

“We agree with the Committee that ‘Training and development are essential for charity trustees in order for the sector to work effectively’ (paragraph 97) and that the Chair has a key role in this. We agree with the recommendation that the sector’s infrastructure bodies review the training opportunities that exist, identify where there may be shortcomings in provision, particularly for small charities, and take action to address them.

“We also welcome the emphasis on investing in leadership (para 128) but believe this should not be limited to Executive leadership. There is a real need to invest in Chair’s development. This in turn will raise the quality and the status of Chairs and do much to attract a wider pool of talented people to this key role. If we wish Chairs to lead effectively – they too need development and support. Good governance requires effective leadership both by Executive and Non-Executives.”

We will be studying the report’s recommendations closely and plan to comment further to members in due course.

You can read our submission here.