We have now published highlights from our first survey of Chairs. Thanks to our members and newsletter subscribers who responded: we researched 360 in a chairing role, including 140 members.

What came across clearly was the level of commitment by Chairs.  54% say they are spending 4 days or more a month on their chairing role.  AoC members typically spend more time – 43% spend 5 days or more a month. At the same time it was clear there are gaps in support and funding: 46% of boards have no budget for board development; only 19% had a formal allocated budget; while the balance address development on a case by case basis.  Perhaps more surprisingly only 34% of Chairs had had an induction, arguably the most basic form of support.   The majority rely solely on publications for support with no access to events, training, mentoring, or coaching.  Many said they’d like more support, especially with finding good trustees.

AoC members identified funding, fundraising and financial sustainability as the biggest challenge for the sector as a whole. Second, came concern for the sector’s reputation, credibility and trust, amid the consequences of the Kids Company closure and media criticism. Third was achieving good governance.

We also asked members what they thought of us: 85% of members would recommend AoC membership to a Chair they know; 74% say they have new knowledge that helps them be a better Chair or Vice Chair; and 64% of you report doing things differently because of the Association of Chairs.  A good argument to join us!

You can download more information on the survey results by following this link.