Our inaugural event on 24th October, kindly hosted by Odgers Berndtsen, was a great success.

We kicked off with an introduction by our Chair, John Gladwin, who told the 80-strong audience why we have been established. He talked about our priorities for the new Association, one of which is to build an evidence base of what works and what doesn’t, making sure that new knowledge is disseminated throughout the sector.

We then heard from a panel of distinguished speakers. Baroness Sally Morgan explored the issues that nonprofit sector Chairs face. Andrew Barnett spoke about Chairs taking responsibility, forming, developing and sustaining relationships that are not always easy, and achieving results in a constantly challenging environment. Andrew Hind reiterated the importance of the relationships that Chairs must form and congratulated the Board on bringing this important initiative to fruition.

Alice Maynard closed the speeches, talking about her experience of taking up the role of Chair at Scope in 2008, and feeling “a need to grow both personally and professionally” but unable to find the kind of tailored peer support the Association will offer.

That’s why she jumped at the chance to join the founding Board: “The people and organisations we support deserve chairs who know what they’re doing, and who can maximise the difference their organisations make for those they are there to serve.”

The audience then spent time enjoying Odgers’ hospitality and networking with each other – just one example of the kind of event we shall deliver in future!